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It’s not about creating hype…
It’s not about pushing “another opportunity”….
It’s not just about promoting someone that your a fan of…


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Becoming Successful In Your Business

Becoming Successful In Your Business

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Are you having trouble with becoming successful in your business?  Maybe you are feeling like things just aren’t moving fast enough.  I would like to share with something that I started doing and discovered about myself.

Over the past few weeks I started listening to the one audio in particular, every single day.  I noticed that I was doing exactly what they mentioned in the audio. I learned that in order for you to achieve what you desire is to think about the things you DO want instead of the things that you DONT want.  All of this is done by the law of attraction.  You attract what you are thinking, whether its negative or positive. Let me give you an example of how you are attracting the negative things in your life…

Dont Wants:

  • “I sure hope that I don’t get a bad grade on my term paper.”
  • “I hope that I don’t mess up when recording my video.”
  • “I hope that I don’t fail in my business.”
  • “I hope that my co-workers don’t get on my nerves today.”
  • “I hope that I don’t get sick.”


When you focus your attention on things like that, its what you attract.  You must have an attitude of gratitude.  Be thankful for the things that you do have and its then that you will get more of it.  I’ve noticed that if you listen to people complain and talk negative, it will take your focus off of your good feeling and then you start letting them drain your energy. It doesn’t make you happy sitting there listening to someone complain does it?  It gives you a negative vibe.  In order for them to be successful, they must change their way of thinking.


Any goals that you want to achieve in your business and in life, you must be clear on what it is that you want.  What I have found to be very helpful is making a vision board.  Make one side with your short team goals and the other side with your long term goals.  Once you write out your goals you must believe without a shadow of a doubt that you are going to achieve them.  Remember…any ounce of doubt will not manifest what you want. Everything I write down on my vision board I put done beside as soon as Im done writing it. The reason why is because I know that Im going to make it happen.  Over the weekend I manifested my iMac.  It was of the things I had on my vision board and when I received it I so happy because I wasn’t wasn’t expecting it right then but I knew that I was going to have one (my husband purchased it for me out of the blue). Let me give you an example of how to manifest the things that you do want.

Do Wants

  • “I AM going to have my dream car by…(date)-DONE
  • I AM going to be in my dream house by…(date)- DONE
  • I AM going to make (amount of money by whatever date) – DONE
  • I AM going to be a size (size you want to be) – DONE
  • I AM going to meet my soul mate – DONE

With this you can either put “Done” beside it or state your sentence as “I HAVE…” either way, know in your heart you have already accomplished it.  You can control how your business will go with just a simple thought.  Stay focused and achieve whatever it is that your heart desires.  And that my friend is called “The Secret”

successful in your business

That is how you become successful in your business and in life.

I wish you much success in your life and business.

Yours truly,

Monster Jam









Monster Jam




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I Got My New iMac!!

I Got My New iMac!!


I am so happy!!! This weekend I got something that I have been wanting for months now…a iMac!!!

My husband surprised me with a brand new iMac computer Saturday morning.  It was one of the things I had on my vision board.  I really didn’t expect him to get it.  I just kept in my mind that I was going to get myself a iMac and it manifested.

A few months ago my husband and I went into Best Buy.  I went towards the back to check out the computers and the iMac was right in my sight.  I was so amazed at how smooth and sleek it was and said to myself  ”I’m going to get one of those iMacs.”  I really wasn’t in a rush to get it since I already had an Mac Book Pro and I love that thing to death.  Its safe to say that I am a Apple fanatic.  The only Apple Product I don’t have is the Ipad mini.  Im pretty sure that one day I may have to go to a Apple rehab, lol.

One thing that I have learned since joining Empower Network is that, if you set your mind on something that you want, it will come true.  Make a vision board of your short term goals and long term goals. Look at your vision board every single day and picture yourself as though you already have whatever it is that you have written down.  About 2 weeks ago I had my whole family make a vision board and now they are able to cross off the things that they have completed.  Think more of the things that you DO want instead of the things that you DONT want.

Well thats my time for now. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!  Oh yea, If you have a iMac I would love to hear about your review on it and about the apps you have purchased for it.

To Your Success,

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Monster Jam

Monster Jam – New Orleans Louisiana

Monster Jam – New Orleans Louisiana

If you haven’t been to a Monster Jam event, it’s something that you definitely have to add to your to do list.

Over the weekend I attended the Monster Jam event here in New Orleans.  I had such a great time that I definitely plan on going every year.  When I was a child, my dad and brother went all the time.  I was never interested in going with them because of course I thought it was a boys event.  Now, I wish I would have went with them, lol

A few weeks ago I saw the commercial for it and was like “Ok, I need to check this out because it looks like so much fun.”  I showed the commercial to my kids (who are 2 girls) just knowing that they were going to act just like I was about going when I was younger.  Little did I know…they were very excited about going.  So after doing our happy dance in the middle of the floor for about 5 minutes, I decided to purchase our tickets.  When I mentioned it to my husband about us going, he looked at me like “You really want to go to that?”

Monster Jam

I called my dad and told him that we were going to go.  He said that I was going to get hooked on going.  He was definitely right!! My kids were in countdown mode every single day until it was time to attend the event. Once we got into the event, my kids went crazy with excitement. How on earth did I miss out on going to this as a kid?

The trucks were so huge. I couldn’t believe that there was a woman racing in the event also.  That really made me want to race in Monster Jam too, lol. The big Monster trucks raced, they had trailer racing which were cars racing with trailers tied to the back of their cars, and they also had a truck that did a backwards flip.  It was so awesome.  I am definitely looking forward to attending another event.  My daughters weren’t even out of the event yet and were talking about looking up tickets for the next event.  Im already ahead of them.  There is a motor cross event coming March 8-9 hopefully I can find tickets to that event as well.  All I can say is, “My dad was right, I am hooked.”

I look forward to attending one of the drag racing events with my dad in Atlanta this year.  My dad attends the drag racing every single year.  I can’t let him go without me this year.  I know my kids are going to want to go also, so I guess I should start looking for tickets to that too.

Ladies if you have never been to a Monster Jam event, please attend one.

Take your kids!!! If you don’t have kids take someone else kids to see it.  It’s so much fun.  I know the kids would also absolutely love it.

Monster Jam











Monster Jam




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Monster Jam

I Love Gospel Music

I Love Gospel Music

Last night I stayed up to 3am, listening to gospel music.  I can’t help it, I love gospel music!!  Gospel music is really soothing to the my soul.  It just made me think about my grandmother and how much I miss her.

We were raised up in the church.  My parents would take us every Sunday Morning.  My brother and I were kid ushers in the church.  We hated it so much because we didn’t want to stand up in front of the whole church.  Sometimes we would get up there and fuss about who was going to hold the offering plate, lol.  And once everyone had to bow their heads and close their eyes, my brother and I would be pinching each other and passing licks (Lord forgive me, lol)

What I loved most about going to church when I was little, was going to choir anniversaries and listening to all of the groups sing.  That was some great gospel music back then.  The music today is ok…but the old school gospel music…will have you putting your shouting shoes on and running around the round the place.  I love Shirley Ceasar, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy,  John P Kee, The Mississippi Mass Choir and many others.  I could go on and on.

Last night I stumbled upon a video by Pastor Tim Rogers.  That was my first time hearing one of his songs.  I played his videos so much last night that I almost thought that I was at the church with them. I was up playing my air guitar and imaginary drums like I was part of the group. lol You know how it is when you feel the music in your soul.  It makes you just rock from side to side. I know I will be downloading the album from itunes.  There is nothing like the live version of a song though. When groups sing live, they really get into it.  I love gospel music so much that when I lip-sync, I have to get all into it like Im the one thats really singing it. lol I know I probably look crazy as heck but its ok…as long as no one sees me acting crazy.

My favorite group to watch sing were my cousins Charlie Marshall, Frank Marshall and his family.  OMG, they will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.  I wish I had video footage of them from back in the day.  I know I would probably draw myself on the tv screen and just put myself in their group. My cousins Ronald and Frank Marshall are the reason I know how to play my imaginary guitar.  I hate to brag…no I don’t, they got skills.  I had said that the next time I go home, Im going to get them to teach me how to play for real.  I have mastered how to fake it though, lmbo.  You know what…Check out my cousin Ronald in the video below.  You can see it for yourself.

I told ya, he is the truth.  Last year they sang at their grandmother’s birthday party.  I wish I had it on video because I know I would watch it a million times. lol

Ok time to wrap this up.  I got to go and find some more videos to play my imaginary guitar to, before my family gets home.

Ok yea, you get the picture…I love gospel music.










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The Power Of A Google Hangout.

Google Hangout out connects us with 6&7 figure earners.

Have you ever hung out with 6 and 7 figure earners before?  Have you ever even thought about making that type of money yourself?  Well last night we had the chance to hear from some of the heavy hitters in the business, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Tony Rush and our very own Tracey Walker and Nicole Cooper.

Usually every Wednesday night, all of us that are all EN host a Google Hangout with the others on the team and share our stories of how Empower Network has changed our lives.  But last night there were a change of plans.  Instead, the heavy hitters of Empower Network wanted to do a Google Hangout for us.  When I tell you that hangout was the grand daddy of them all…It was that and then some. Click the video below to see exactly what went on.

Google Hangout

This video was mainly for the members only but we are allowed to share it because there are tips in here that you can also apply to your everyday life.  Also you get to see how down to earth the leaders of this business are.  They are normal people just like us who also had a dream.  These people could have easily not shared this information and could have just kept it a secret but they chose to share with us. They shared with us what they are doing to be successful, and you know what it is that has them at 6 and 7 figures a year?  Empower Network.  They follow the steps to a T.  Some may think that its impossible to earn this type of money but its not. Im on my way to becoming just like one of those that are on that panel. Thats one of my goals and Im working towards it.

If you don’t think you can earn this type of money…then you are right. If you think negative then you are absolutely right about the way you think.  But me…I know Im going to be a 6 and 7 figure earner.  I have every single tool that I need to get there.  I have the exact same tools as the ones on the panel.  And when you can get on a Google Hangout and chat with people who are on the same road to success as you, and who are also seeing the same results, you have some powerful tools that are just too easy.  When you hang around people who arent trying to have anything in life, it will rub off on you.  But when you want something in life, you have to surround yourself with people who are also going in the same direction as you.  If you want to make money like the heavy hitters in the business then you need to surround yourself with the ones who are also on the road to getting there.  This opportunity was offered to me and has helped me tremendously.  Now I can offer someone else this same opportunity.

Google Hangout

Now don’t get me wrong, you are going to come across some people that just get in and immediately say “Ok, I’ve blogged, now when am I going to start seeing money?”  9 times out of 10 those are the ones that fail.  The reason they fail is because they are chasing money instead of attracting money. What people fail to realize is that once you learn the material it will better you and build you up…the money is the bonus.  When you gain that knowledge then you will start attracting money.  If you don’t know anything, why on earth would someone want to listen to you about a business you know nothing about?  If you take the time to actually learn the material you would understand how the business could actually help someone.  You also have to accept the fact that not everyone wants success.  You will have some that get in and then just quit…they didn’t want success.  Just because they didn’t want success does that mean you quit too? I think Eric T. said it best.  He said,  ”When you want success as bad as you want to breath, Its then that you will be successful.”

If success is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.  Click the image below to attract money…not chase it.

Who knows…Maybe I will see you on the next Google Hangout.

Empower Network


victims of Sandy Hook

Zumbathon – Sandy Hook Victims and Survivors (Part 2)

Zumbathon Charity Event

Sandy Hook Victims and Survivors (Part 2)

Some of you may have seen my blog post from yesterday about the charity event I attended over the week.  The charity event was for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that took place last year in December. If you missed yesterday’s blog post  >>>Click Here<<<

I had a chance to capture video footage and take a lot of pictures while I was there at the event as you can see in the video above.  It was so much fun.  It’s always a great feeling to do something to help others.  If you would like to make a donation the the families of the Sandy Hook victims please do so.  The information is provided below.

Sandy Hook School Support Fund

c/o Newtown Savings Bank

39 Main Street, Newton CT 06470

If you are curious about the proceeds, United Way set up a

facebook account as well

As always, please keep the families affected by this, in your thoughts and prayers.

Victims of Sandy Hook

victims of Sandy Hook

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Zumbathon Charity Event – Sandy Hook Victims And Survivors

Zumbaton Charity Event

Sandy Hook Victims And Survivors

Sandy Hook Victims

Saturday, February 16th 2013, I had the pleasure and honor to participate in a Zumbathon

Charity event for the victims of the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As many of you may know, last year on December 14, a gunman opened fire killing 26 people.

20 of the Sandy Hook victims were children and the other 6 were staff members of the school.

Zumbathon for Sandy Hook Victims and Survivors.

Sandy Hook Victims

The Zumbathon was to help raise money for the Newtown, Connecticut

Sandy Hook victims that passed away.  The event was in remembrance

of all of the unsung Heros that have died to protect the children that are

now alive.  All of the proceeds went to the Sandy Hook families.

Over $4,000 was raised for the event!!

There were about 200+ of us that got up early that morning to brave the cold and

windy weather, all for a great cause. Once we arrived, It was so

heart warming to see that there were a sea of supporters dressed in green

and white.



There were Zumba instructors that came from all across the state of

Louisiana.  There were even instructors that came from other states.

The Zumbathon lasted 5 hours but we were having such a great time that 5

hours went by pretty fast. We dance to all types of music. From Salsa,

Merengue, Reggae, Hip Hop and other types of music.  I had

a blast!!!

Sandy Hook Victims

I am in the process of uploading more pictures and video footage.  It

will be available for you to watch on tomorrow’s blog post.

Here is more info if you would like to make a donation to those families.

Sandy Hook School Support Fund

c/o Newtown Savings Bank

39 Main Street, Newton CT 06470

If you are curious about the proceeds, United Way set up a

facebook account as well

Please continue to keep the families of the Sandy Hook victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, not only those that lost kids and loved ones in Newton CT, but others

around the world that have been affected by something similar in your

prayers as well.  There is so much violence going on in this world.  Thats why

its best to stay prayed up.  Even though prayer has been taken out of

schools, please say a prayer with your family every morning before they

leave out for work and school.

I pray that God will always protect our families and kids as they

go about their day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Stay tuned

tomorrow for video footage and pictures of the Zumbathon

charity event.

May the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School

sweet little souls rest in God’s loving arms.

Victims of Sandy Hook

victims of Sandy Hook

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